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PVoutput changed

Feb 8 at 11:35 AM
Since yesterday, it seems that PVoutput has a new web server. Which makes that the current Arduino Solar Meter can no longer upload.

The fix is to apply the following change in PVoutput.ino, line 117:

      pvout << endl << F("Host:") << endl << endl;
      pvout << F(" HTTP/1.1");
      pvout << endl << F("Host:") << endl << endl;
Feb 8 at 2:56 PM
Thanks, I saw the issue on the forum of PV output.

Maybe Harold will launch a small update to address this issue.
Feb 9 at 7:34 AM
Yes, then also the parsing of the response should be updated. From the page you found (

"I see the server response is also changed from before (HTTP/1.1 added before original reponse)",

Parsing of the response is in line 121 of PVoutput.ino:
      byte lastResponse = pvout.parseInt();
It always parses '1' from the response text (which now starts with 'HTTP/1.1 ...') so that the Arduino Solar Meter always thinks that the upload failed while in fact it didn't.