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Software configuration


Before sending data to, you have to setup an account on that site.
When this is done, you can navigate to the settings tab.
On this page there, under the header "API settings" is a long number called API-key.
Edit the file userdefs.h and copy this number over the "xxx" behind the PVOUTPUT_KEY.

Also on the settings page is the system-id (SID) of all of your defined systems.
Change the line SID1=0 in userdefs.h so that it matches the SID of your system.
If you have multiple S0 meters, you have to change SID2 and SID3 also.
Leave SID2 and SID3 at 0 if you only have one sensor.


If you are using version 8 of the software, there are some new features that can be configured via the userdefs.h file:

If the variable USE_LOGGING is defined, the SD card software will be used.
If you do not want to use the SD card, comment this line and you will have extra room for other features.

Each sensor now has 3 parameters:

SID = the system ID that corresponds to the SID on you PVoutput page.

SID_PIN = the digital input pin that the sensor is connected to.

SID_PLS = the number of pulses that the sensor gives when it counts 1kWh.

If you enter a negative number for SID_PLS, the software will send this sensor to the production counter of PVoutput. 

For example, the next configuration will use one sensor for production (solar) and one sensor for power consumption, on the same SID:

#define SID1 1234
#define SID1_PIN 2
#define SID1_PLS 1000

#define SID2 1234
#define SID1_PIN 3
#define SID1_PLS -1000

//#define SID3 1234
//#define SID3_PIN 4
//#define SID3_PLS 1000

V8.1 - Mail configuration

To send a mail once a day, the line #define USE_MAIL must be un-commented.

You have to setup the name of the mail server of your internet provider so that mails can be sent without password.

Finally you can change the hour when the mail should be sent.

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